About CEBP

CEBP is the craft association of the national Bakery and Confectionery Associations in the EU member states. CEBP represents more than 190,000 small and medium-sized enterprises with more than 2 million employees in Europe.

One of our main tasks is to inform and convince the European Administration and the European Parliament about the local and regional importance of small and medium-sized enterprises through our interlocutors. The object is to reduce the endless number of regulations coming from the EU pushing small and medium-sized enterprises out of the food market. Furthermore, CEBP focuses on special tasks such as the hygiene law, the complete food law etc.

Contact Persons

Please find the contact persons of CEBP listed, by clicking here.

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Board Members

The Executive Board manages the CEBP and defends its members.

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Ongoing issues

The CEBP represents their member companies in different policy fields.

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What we do

The CEBP supports small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

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Member Countries

Here you’ll find information about our member countries.

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Here you’ll find information about the politicans.

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