Ongoing Issues

Revision of Regulation No 882/2004

CEBP has submitted extensive comments to the European Parliament and the Environment Committee against the imposition of regular fees for an official food control and campaigned for an extension of the exemptions for SMEs

Food Information Regulation

Origin labeling (we notice the development process of delegated legal acts concerning origin labeling of primary ingredients and meat).

Exceptions for nutrition labeling

CEBP campaigns, that pre-packaged food in craft, do not need to be marked with nutritional labeling in general (according to Annex V No. 19 of FIR).

Allergen Information for loose goods

CEBP coordinates and keeps track of the national legislative activities related to allergen information for non-pre-packaged goods, in accordance with Article 44, FIR.

Traffic light labelling in Great Britain

The UK Traffic Lights System (CEBP has written to members of the Competition Council, in order to achieve a legal examination of that system).

Promotion of Agricultural Products

We want to achieve that the EU subsidizes the promotion of baked goods at home and abroad, this requires an expansion of the possible measures within the underlying Regulation No 3/2008.

Nutritional Profiles/ salt

The CEBP campaigns against the planned nutrient profiles according to Article 4, paragraph 1 of Regulation No 1924/2006 and thus a reformulation of traditional recipes due to supposed health concerns.

European data protection regulation

Statement to a general European data protection regulation.

Tachograph obligation

Statement to the extension of the tachograph obligation fpr vehicles on European level.

Member Countries

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