What we do

The small and medium-sized enterprises often experience that their needs are not taken into consideration at national or EU level when discussing regulations and policies concerning the Bakery and Confectionery craft. The minor majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are overrun by the major minority of food combines. CEBP ensures through its work that the European Bakery and Confectionery enterprises are heard in the European Commission and the European Parliament.

CEBP is responsible for communicating relevant information from the Commission and Parliament to its members and for advocating common interests of the represented enterprises in the Commission and Parliament.

CEPB obligates itself in the political work to interfere in legislation and to influence the economic environment of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the Bakery and Confectionary craft.

CEBP advocates regulations that keep the member enterprises viable, insure their existence and give them strength to compete against the large combines.

Member Countries

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