Who’s who at CEBP

Who’s who at CEBP

Since the CEBP General Assembly in Thessaloniki on 4th May 2019, the CEBP Board is composed by President Günther Koerffer from Sweden, Vice-president Dominique Anract from France, Secretary-General José María Fernández del Vallado from Spain and Board Members Michael Wippler (Germany), Edvino Jerian (Italy) and Marios Papadopoulos (Greece).

In addition, CEBP counts with the specialist support of Mr. Daniel Schneider (Germany) as Permanent Advisor on Legal Matters as well as Mr. Mika Väyrynen (Finland) as Counsellor of the Board and Ms. Sabrina Stief (Germany) as Advisor in Brussels. Ms. Veronika Fresen (Germany) assists the Secretariat of CEBP.

Mr. Theo L. Volkeri (Netherlands) and  Mr. Albert Denoncin (Belgium) act as Auditors of CEBP.

Member Countries

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