Who’s who at CEBP

Who’s who at CEBP

Since the CEBP General Assembly in Berlin on 11th June 2022, the CEBP Board is composed by President Dominique Anract from FranceVice-president Marios Papadopoulos from Greece, Secretary-General José María Fernández del Vallado from Spain and Board Members Daniel Schneider (Germany), Josef Schrott (Austria) and Günther Koerffer (Sweden).

In addition, CEBP counts with the specialist support of Mr. Christopher Kruse (Germany) as Permanent Advisor on Legal Matters as well as Mr. Mika Väyrynen (Finland) as Counsellor of the Board and Ms. Sabrina Stief (Germany) as Advisor in Brussels. Ms. Veronika Fresen (Germany) assists the Secretariat of CEBP.

Mr. Theo L. Volkeri (Netherlands) and  Mr. Albert Denoncin (Belgium) act as Auditors of CEBP.

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«The European Confederation of national Bakery and Confectionery Organisations (CEBP) represents over 190 000 small and medium-sized enterprises which employ 2 million people in 17 European countries. CEBP is the voice of these craft businesses, which are part of Europe’s culinary cultural heritage and of the daily lives of millions of people across the continent. Our sector also contributes to the prosperity of the European agricultural sector, by providing an outlet for the Union wheat, dairy and yeast industries.

Throughout Europe, our professionals are facing unprecedented challenges: energy crisis, industry competition,increase in the cost of raw materials and packaging, changing eating habits, constantly evolving regulation, etc. In this context, CEBP engages in dialogue with European authorities to advance the understanding of bakery and confectionery positions on relevant policy issues and ensure the viability of the sector in the long term.

In November 2022, UNESCO decided to inscribe the artisanal know-how and culture of baguette bread on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This international recognition sheds a light on a traditional production process that enables each baker to obtain a unique product, and that generates specific sensory experience, modes of consumption and social practices. Although initiated by French bakers, this recognition is awarded to the work of our fellow artisan bakers around the world.

Most importantly, this international recognition highlights the importance of the transmission of artisanal know-how to younger generations, who are the future of the profession. In this regard, I warmly welcome the organisation of the International Young Bakers’ Championship, which has been promoting and fostering the talent of our young professionals across the world annually since 1971.

In the unique context we are going through, there is strength in unity. I am convinced that CEBP’s mission to support bakers and confectioners is more useful than ever and I strongly believe that our profession has what it takes to successfully face the challenges ahead.»